The Queen Lil’ Kim Was SO Ahead Of Her Time. A True Fashion Icon. Pt I.

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991 plays How Many Licks (Neptunes Remix) (ft. Snoop Dogg, Kelis, Lil' Cease & Pharrell) Lil' Kim NOTORIOUS KIM: The Lost Tapes


FREE D/L: notorious K.I.M.: the lost tapes (mixtape) (10-track zip file, tracks primarily taken from the bootleg/leaked/early version of the notorious K.I.M. album, 1999/2000)


1. resurrection (the queen)
2. diamonds
3. queen bitch part 2 (remix) (ft. jay-z)
4. nobody do it better (than us)
5. bad girls (ft. ru paul)
6. good time (ft. lil cease)
7. revolution (original version) (ft. grace jones & puff daddy)
8. make no sense (ft. tanya stephens)
9. rockin’
10. how many licks (neptunes remix) (ft. snoop dogg, lil cease, pharrell & kelis)